We've created food health beauty. 

Pressed from single estate Picual olive trees, irrigated by natures raindrops (Secano) which decreases overall yield but increases the concentration of antioxidents, thus creating a unique intense health oil with up to 5x the level of antioxidants* which includes phytonutrient, polyphenols and oleocanthal, when compared to normal grade extra virgin olive oil.  Our oil forms the base for all our food products which are carefully created to maximise their health benefits, reinstate the true honest taste of food and help create a healthier you through normal eating.

It goes without saying, that All our STORM olive oil products are 100% vegetarian, gluten free, natural and free from artificial colours, flavours or any other unnatural junk.

STORM High Antioxidant Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

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STORM High Antioxidant Dark Chocolate 91% Cocoa (Coming Soon)

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